The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

A new medium has cropped up in recent years and that is something we call plastics. The coins tend to be very light, with the detail and uniformity of metal, yet the material is not nearly as scarce. These coins are all still very new and it will be interesting to see how they evolve.


The most successful platic to date is the Black Gold of Rathkeale. It capitalizes in the success of the Black Golds minted in Tin, and yet is still a very unique coin itself. It functions as one gold in our standard economy and has no collector's value yet.

I have no idea where this coin came from, one might think that it is a denomination of the Rathkeale gold, based on it's material make up, but first inquiries disprove this theory. Recent inquiries suggest that this maybe a Care Mugire coin.

The Periden gold was very popular for when it was issued but it's generic details caused it to fall out of popularity. It is still accepted as one gold in some circles.

The origins of this coin are unknown to me but there are enough of them floating around to confirm that they are accepeted as one gold. Da'ood believes that these coins originated from the Casimere (sp??) Vampires.

This coin is also a mystery but is generic nature makes it a failure, it is as if the Periden coin were issued today.

These three coin are also fairly new and have some potential to be successful despite the fact that the no one can tell where they came from and which is more valuable than the others. Right now all are being accepted as one gold.

This is a Beck, named after Rebecca Silver. Sir Gonvf put it out as the first Eagle's Rook coin and it was 1/25 a Rowan. There were only about 150 issued. Syr Pyr is actively retiring these coins. Thanks to Sir Pyr for the info on this coin.

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