The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

Since the Bobbuck there really hasn't been an interest in producing paper money, until very recently. Obviously paper money is much more fragile and it remains to be seen how it will hold its value.

The first BeanBill or Beanbucks was this 5 dollar prototype, very few exist. I can only assume that one dollar equals one gold, seems to me that it should say gold somewhere on the bill, plus these bills are only one sided. These bills also have a seal impressed in them to validate the authenticity. The following are more recent incarnations of the BeanBills.

Here is an example of One Gopher, note the date on the left, this bill come from folkestone as noted by the familiar sheild and the reference to gophers (as in gopher piss rains down on you). It also has the words "Northern Heroes currnecy exchange" on one side. Below is an example of a Five Gopher

Made three years prior to the Gophers, the Ogres are usually laminated and have the words "menace of the north currency exchange" on one side.

This is a great new paper issue that I hope meets with success. Silverbacks have everything I think a currency needs to be successfull. The intricate markings and runes and the details that went into its creation give it that archaic feel. They have a set value but not a set gold value. Giving them denominational rank within it own strucure without tying to to a gold value. The gold value is then free to fluctuate with the times. If I have one negitive thing to say it's that I wish that the backs had more detail to them



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