The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

The devaluing of the Old Gold standard caused many people to mint their own money. The first by the monarchy and then when the monarchy fell, the infividual lands tried their hands at capturing the market of Realms economy. The realms economy is fickle and over the years we have seen that a coins success has a number of factors. A major factor is the stability of the land they are issued from. Many coins get a great start only to fall from popularity because the land crumbled and the backing went away. Other factors include detail, dating, and materials. The very first attempts at backed currency are detailed here.

The glut of old gold and silver caused Prince Bob to mint new money marked with an eagle hologram. His original minted Eagles were worth one gold and meant to replace the old gold. Note that the eagle head faces left. These coins are fairly rare and worth 2 gold in the standard economy, but people will pay more for one because their collectors value is much higher.

The Eagles were also quickly counterfieted, however the would-be criminals made the mistake of pointing the eagles head to the right. Despite the fact that these new coins (often called Baronials) were counterfiet, the sheer number of them and lack of education on their status caused them to be accepted as one gold. Experts quickly educated the massed on the difference and in doing so, bumped the original left headed Eagles up to two gold. The Baronials are are not as numerous as they once were, but nor are they rare. They are still valued at one gold in our standard economy, but their collectors value is that of a curiosity because they are, after all, a poor imitation.


Prince Bob also created the first printed paper money, when he introduced the Bobbuck (valued then at 5 gold) during the last Duke of Glendale tournaments. These bills as they appear here with the minted pressing shown below. Bobbucks are getting rarer these days and for collectors, they mark the end of an era in the realms. It was the last time currencey would be issued by the monarchy. This particluar example I believe stands as the only unfolded copy in existance. The metalic surface of one side makes any folding unreversable.

When the world seperated into different countries, many lands began minting their own currency. The trick was to try to create something hard to copy. In the Southern Wastes we found pebbles, rocks, and stones, that were plentyful where we came from but rare in other parts of the realms. When given a reconizable and regular shape, we were able to use them as coin. These coins are also very rare these days, and they represent a fairly unique attempt to issue coin. Their value was somewhat equivilant to silver gold and 10 gold when they were issued, these days they are priceless.

One of the first lead coins, Kugie Coins, named for their creator Dol Kugan, the dark child, became extremely popular. The have a chaos wheel on one side and a shield on the other. The original value of these was probaly one gold but they quickly shot up to 10 gold as they grew popular. They are still common today and and yet they have not been made for many years. They still function as 10 gold in our standard economy. This example is in mint condition as it still has it's original silvery sheen that otherwise wears away with handling.

Recent reports say that there may be some more recent counterfiet productions of this coin.

The Mid-Realms Coin, also know as the Manchester is slighltly larger than the Kugie but much thinner. It too was one of the very first lead coins, however produced in much smaller numbers. Still very much a landmark coin, it is fairly rare and can be found mostly on the gambling table, their original value was one silver but that was in circa 1985-89. The collectors value varies between 10 and 20 gold. It still fuctions in out standard economy for 10 gold. Thanks to James Murphy (JDeadmoon) for some of the history regarding this coin.

Recent reports say that there may be some more recent counterfiet productions of this coin.

Seen here is a much smaller Manchester about half the size of the first one. I had heard of smaller manchesters for years but never seen one. The fact that this one surfaced now, so long after the creator stopped making them makes me think it's a forgery. Nevertheless, a rare coin. More info about it would be appreciated.


The Adyan Coin is a strange and odd coin to have to explain. In fact, maybe someone who knew Adyan Before we lost him in the Ascension could better explain the existance of this coin. The coin is extremely thick and made of some kinf of solid metal. The coin is very rare (this is the only one I've ever seen). However, its value is solely as a curiosity.

In those dark times after the fall of Bob there existed a religious organization called the Church of the Catlord. They minted these tin coins (notice the markings resembling a cat's face on one side). It's original value was one gold. This coin is very rare and considered priceless as it is the only remnance of an organization that caused much unrest in that tumultuous time.

The large coin is a Galleon, and the smaller is a Cog. There value was equivalent to one gold and one silver when issued. Morgil says hat Aaron Addison backed them with swords and liquor, but you needed the entire run to
redeem them, which made the backing effectively worthless. I know they were quite poular at one time, but they have all but disappeared. Their collectors value varies but can be very high.

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