The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

Yes, lead is a metal but is has such different qualities from other metals that it required its own catagory. Other metal have been met with some great success and some great failure. The material allows for much greater detail but less imperfections. It is also much more permanent. Metals are not as heavy as leads and they can be very hard to copy due to the rarity of the raw material itself. Below are the many attempts at using metals for backed coinage. Lastly, metals don't allow for any differences between issues and so a first issue looks exactly like a new one. Unless the coin is dated or otherwise marked, there is no way to tell how old it is.

Blackwood coins were one of the first metal coins. Three denominations exist, the solar is the gold colored one, and its original value was 10 gold. The second coin depicted here is a cheap imitation of the Lunar. The original Lunars looked like this except they had four holes not two and they were originially worth one gold. The last coin is the Celestial and had and orginial value of 50 gold. These coins enjoyed some moderate success but quickly became a failure for two reasons. The backing behind the coin dissappeared due to instability in the land, and because the counterfiets rusted when they got wet, damaging the insides of your pouches. Sadly the counterfeits marred the performance of these coins. These currencies were originally backed by Prince Nigel Valantor with custom made garb and accessories. As he now dwells most of the time in Alfheim, this is no longer feasible. They are currently still backed by Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren with weapons and armor. Outside of Blackwood the oringinal Lunars are rare and have something of a collectors value. The counterfeits are worthless. The gold is less numerous and has some collectors value and can be accepted as one gold with some people. The 50 gold is somewhat rare and it has held it's value among some circles. Thanks to Sir Aeryk Valjeusaren for the details concerning these coins.

One of the first backed mithril coins, this coin was valued at one gold and backed by armor products from the Reese Armor Shoppe. Note that the coin is dated 1995. Dated coins are very much collectors items and this is an extremely rare one. Mithril tends to be unusually light in weight. This coin is still fuctions as one gold in our standard economy though it's collectors value is higher. The unfortunate detriment to placing the value of the coin on the coin itself is that the coin rarely increases value in the standard economy. It's hard to convince someone that a coin is worth five gold when it says it's worth one right on the coin!

Morgil says that the Reese Armor Shop coins came in several denominations. The 5 gold is gold in color and about an inch square; the 25 gold is a round solid gold coin of small size. Both are brass. They also put out a 15 gold coin which was silveryl. Quantity was limited, and few people ever had them outside of Rrathchlwynn.

Speaking of dated coins, here we have the very popular Coin of the Realms. Ambitious in its title, it almost succeded in becoming the new gold standard. First issued at the Feast of Min VII (noted on the coin), it was the only coin accepted at acutions held there and certain other events. Up for bid were swords and other treasures making this a very valuable coin at first. Since the auctions are no more, it is no longer sought after like it was. The sheer volume of them keep them from being collectors items, but that volume is what keeps it a viable coin today with a standard economy value of one gold. Note the misspelling of Rogues, spelled instead "King of Rouges." I personally have gathered over 2000 of these, and currently have about 800. Many more have passed through my hands. As coinage goes this is one of the more successful issues.

Recently a new version of this coin was issued. It seems to hold the same value as its predecessor.

The most successful issue ever is the Rowan. Issued in Chimeron, it started with a 5 gold value and jumped to 10 only a few years ago. It is backed by the Chimeron shop (still operating today) and it is a very sought after commodity in our economy. It's success is due to a carefully controlled issuing of the coin as well as the stabilitly of the backing and the land itself. Today the rowan is unparalled by any othe coin. It may eventually be the only coin accepted for goods and services realmswide.

The Chimeron Crown, one of the rarest coins of all (rumored to be only 5 real Crowns ever issued), is only slightly smaller than the rowan. It is a brilliant platnium color and originally valued at 30 rowan for a gold standard value of 300 gold (10 gold per rowan). This coin is priceless in it's collector's value and this one in particular may be the one of only two that exist outside of Chimeron borders. This one was held by Adyan who expected to use it for a dowry for his proposal to Queen Meg. However, in order to propose to the Queen it was held that the Staff of Chimeron had to be within the Proposer's possession. That staff was in my possession and after much deliberation Adyan turned it over to my Lord Randal in exchange for the Staff.

A Chimeron Wench is rumored to be even more rare than the Crown. Its original value was 1/3 a rowan. It is quite possibily the rarest, most valuable coin in existance, because it seems that less than 5 were originally issued and one can expect that some get lost over time. Its collector's value is priceless.


The Forgotten Realms coin was one of the first metal coins ever issued and today is very rare. It functions as one gold in our standard economy, but its collector's value is that of a curiosity.

This coin is also rare and more info on it would be appreciated. The material is mithril and the marking are either of eclipse, sunrise or an eye.

A unique coin but a serious failure, this one maybe the only one of its kind left, the marking tells us of its Grub origin, though its name was never known to me. This coin never took off, apparently no one wanted sharp corners on the ends of their money, nor were they able to fit more than two in a standard pouch. The Grubs made a starling comeback later with Black Gold (detailed in Tins). Its collectors value is that of a curiosity and it is worthless in our standard economy.

Teng Huanese coin called the Koku. All are red with silver markings. Each is worth one cup of rice to a tenghuanese merchant. Each one is worth one gold in our standard economy regardless of markings. Though currently rare, there are plans for a second run. Thanks to Emperor Lysis for the info on this coin.

This Blackavar Luck Coins, with the markings "Honor Begets Honor" on one side and "Good Luck" on the other were the last coin issued by Blackavar issued in 1994. It has a standard economy value of one gold though it's original value was 10 gold. Thanks to Morgil for the details on this coin.

Also unknown to me is the histoy behind this coin, nevertheless it is very much a failure. Very little marking or effort went into creating this coin. The material is just barely thick enough to escape being classified as a Tin. Mostly worthless, you might find it accepted as one gold among gamblers (who tend to accept almost anything as one gold so long as you accept their authority on the value of other items).

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