The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

The success of the Kugie lead to a spur of lead coins from all corners of the realms. The process is still used today and every so often we see a new lead coin come along. The attraction we have to the lead coin is that it feels good. Heft a pouchful of lead coins verses a Tin and damn it you feel rich when hefting the lead ones. They look and feel much more authentic and they are able to carry minor flaws and differences due to the innacuracy of the process. Here are as many leads as I hav been able to collect.

The Beer Coin was minted in Creathorne and it's value was one gold and backed by homebrewed meads and ales. I personally cashed some in back when they were new. I consider this coin to be somewhat rare. It still functions as one gold in out standard economy but its collector's value is much higher.

It has the word Vita Brevis on one side and some unintelligable marking on the other.

Samuel Rathe informs me that this is called a Vita Brevis. It was indeed a beer coin, much like the Creathorne
Silver. It was released by another brewer. But the Creathorne Silver and Vita Brevis coins were not worth even exchange. That is, Sean O'Quinnlin did not accept the Vitae, and this other brewer didn't take Creathorne cash.

Morgil states that these coins were backed by Mark from Rrathchlwynn. He backed them with his labor as a
carver and sealmaker.

Valued at one gold.


This coin is about the size of a beer coin but thicker. One side reads Crom 5 and the other says silver. Even though the original value is 5 silver, the standard for average lead coins is one gold. This example also still has its original silvery sheen.



The Crystal Hall coin also falls into the one gold standard. This coin is fairly common. The origional seal of the Crystal hall as deamed by Xavier Cardigan was a book to represent the college which made up the Crystal hall. Talon personaly minted these coins from molds that Sean O'Quinlin carved from soapstone. As a side note, while minting the Crystal hall currency Talon was heating the lead to be poured into the mold when it exploded and covered his face in molten lead. He had second degree burns on his arms and face as well as itching eyes. Be warned that minting lead is dangerous.

Similarity in markings makes me believe this to be another Crystal Hall Coin. I have no info on it or it's value. Please contact me with details.

The origins of this coin elude me, however I believe it to be fairly new. It has some sybols on one side and a archery targer on the other with an arrow going for the bullseye. The markings read "be awakened..." followed by a name or word that is unreadable to me. So far I have yet to see others like it, however without history it stands at one gold.


This coin was not intended for realms currency. I was contacted by Roach who had them minted for a vampire larp and someone stole the bag from him!

The coin reads "KINDRED, ANARCHY RULE." They were intended for clan brujah as a token, a pat on the head from the elder if you will.

He is also trying to get them all back and will compensate for space they make when removed from purses.

Please contact him at

This coin also is a mystery to me, not as recent as the previous coin, but more recent than other leads, it has an eye on one side and a ensignia on the other. No letters appear to indicate where it came from. Valued at one gold.

Baron Diamond believes these come from Sauron's land and that would be consistant with the notion of an all seeing eye.

Aeston believes this is a coin issued by the Iron Kingdom about 2001-02. He claims that Thon can confirm. I believe that the coin has been in my collection longer than that.

These coins are very popular. I think they came from Mythdranor. The first one has a heart on one side surrounded by marking presumably in elvish. The other side has a sword with no markings. The second coin has a crown on one side surrounded by markings, with a heart being pierced by a sword on the other side. Orignially one of these coins was valued at five gold while the other was valued at one gold. But the similarity of size and design cause people to fail to note the difference. They function as one gold in our standard economy. However, I believe the one without the pierced heart is less numerous and therefore more collectable.

Another complete mystery is this coin. The markings are cryptic. Without more information I can't determing anything about it


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