The Bank of
the Southern Wastes:

The historical collection

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Coin, money, gold. For some of us the mere sound of these words make our eyes widen. As an avid collector of coin, I can tell you that I do it for two reasons.

Power is the big one. There comes a certain reassurance when you wield enough purchasing power to have your way 95% of the time. Having more coin than anyone else allows you certain freedoms. I once paid someone's long-standing debt (unbeknownst to him) and then informed him that he now owed me and if he couldn't pay me (which he couldn't), he have to work it off. That was the first time I ever bought a person who was not selling themselves.

The second reason is one I can not easily explain. Some types of coin become extremely rare and carry with them a sense of history. Lots of objects are rare, but it is only the ones that represent some part of history that makes them desirable. History can be actuall markings that reference a date and time, or merely the previous success of a coin reminds us of that time since past. There is a strange kind of pride that come with possessing rare and unusual objects. It's not that they are valuable, in fact you wouldn't trade them for their value in coin. It's simply the fact that no one else owns one that makes the one-of-a-kind item the pride of your collection.

The collection I have presented here is for reference as much as for nostalgia. It has always seemed to me a great shame that protecting my greatest valuables deprives the world of enjoying the sight of them. Therefore I offer these documents as a way of bring to light some long hidden objects of my obsession.

Sir Panther
Long Standing member of the gamblers guild.

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